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From the Heart


Coping Through Christmas

...this time of year may also bring about a heavy and silent walk within us—one that is fraught with ongoing family conflict, personal feelings of isolation, grief, loneliness, and for many—depression.

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Jingle Mingle

By: Jason Pamblanco

Step outside of your home, leave your comfort zone and meet the people of Tallahassee through the Jingle Mingle.

As we anticipate the excitement of Christmas morning, let’s be intentional at building our excitement around the newborn King.

First Fruits Challenge

By: Curtis Clark

 Pastor Curtis challenged everyone in our TRBC family to trust God with your finances and bring your tithe on Sunday, December 3 even if you have never tithed before. 

We get to witness firsthand the body of Christ at work in the lives of the foster children living here, and often those efforts come directly from the members of TRBC. 

Our ladies are sharing their talents to make a homemade difference in the lives of others, all for God's glory!

"The selflessness from [TRBC] members to come right before Irma and as early as the day after just takes our breath away."

What if, this year, we decided to make the most of this opportunity and be on mission on Halloween!

Hope and Healing in Houston

By: Rachel Graham

To those three families, our team represented God's hope and healing as these families start to rebuild their lives.

Until The Whole World Hears

By: Brittany Tanner

“A hundred years from now, who will care how successful we are or how comfortable our lives were? What will matter then is what we invest our lives in.”