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Right Now Media

RightNow Media has videos for everyone—kids, youth, parents, married couples, college students, single adults, working professionals—all aimed at helping you grow.

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Why I Serve

By: Steve Trainor

"He would regularly ask me if I would consider teaching, and I would regularly decline." 

Why I Serve in VBS

By: Pat Young

For a long time I’ve considered VBS one of the most important things I do all year long.

VBS 2017

By: Rachel Graham

We had so much fun in the clubhouse learning about the God who is over the moon in love with us.

Music Camp: Treasure Island

By: Sheila Helms

"Best of all, though, is that seeds of the gospel are planted and the word of God is written on their hearts through the music."

Hopefully by now you are getting a picture of the ETCH strategy, and how it aims to connect the church and home in the spiritual formation of its members.

A Father’s Love

By: Steven Brabham

 I realized that God had given me the privilege of peeking ever so slightly into the world of His love for me.

So, be sure and find some places where God wants you to participate and be part of all that is offered at TRBC.

During sabbatical I will take time to develop intellectually and professionally while also recharging physically, emotionally and spiritually

Why I Serve

By: Ashley Copas

 Each week, I will spend a few moments one on one with each child quietly reminding them that they are special and loved by God, Jesus, their family, friends and us.