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From the Heart


Jingle Mingle

By: Jason Pamblanco ,  December 8, 2017

There’s something inviting about an outdoor fire pit on a cold winter night.  Could it be the crackling sound the logs make?  Or is it the warmth it provides to those who gather around it?  Whatever the reason, I think the real magic isn’t the fire itself, but the conversations it inevitably sparks.  It seems like conversations tend to linger when the warmth of the fire and the light in the other person’s eyes outweighs the chilliness of stepping away.

Jingle Mingle is about to ring in the Christmas season once more at TRBC!   This outreach effort has a lot of things going for it.  There will be free hot chocolate and Lucky Goat Coffee to sip.  There will be giant cookies to taste.  There will be thousands of goody bags to give away with lots of neat stuff and information about our church in them.  There will be carolers singing.  There will be the incredible Christmas light display at Dorothy B. Oven to take in.  But the most important thing that will take place at Jingle Mingle is the conversation you will have with a stranger, sipping hot chocolate and chatting together by the fire.

There is something incredible about the power of conversation.  In our high-tech, text message era, we have missed out on one of the most basic things that makes us human: face-to-face conversation.

There are conversations just waiting to happen.  There will be opportunities to make a new friend or catch up with an old friend.  You’ll have a chance to tell people about your family, your church and your Savior.  But all of these great conversations can’t take place unless you commit to step outside of your home, leave your comfort zone and meet the people of Tallahassee who come each year to see the lights at the park next door.  We need your help for Jingle Mingle to be a success.  But don’t worry, we’ll provide the fire.

Jingle Mingle:
Thursday, December 21 – 5:00 – 9:00pm (ELF NIGHT)

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