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From the Heart


Preparing for Easter

By: Curtis Clark,  March 23, 2018

Easter has become my favorite time of the year.  It wasn’t always.  As a child I didn’t really understand what Easter was about.  In my family growing up, we didn’t celebrate the Easter Bunny, so what I remember most about Easter was that mom made me dress up. That was the last thing I really wanted to do.

As an adult, Easter has taken on a much different and greater meaning.  As I have grown in my faith, the truths of Easter have become more and more important to me.  As I reflect on that first Easter morning, I remember that Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead, and that has changed everything.

My entire life is built around that glorious truth that Jesus truly was the Son of God who broke the power of sin and death and made it possible for each of us to live a transformed life. 

This is why Christians make such a big deal about Easter. For us, it is the most important day of the year, as we celebrate the most important event in human history. 

This Easter, I want all of us to remember and to know what it is that we are celebrating.  So, to that end, we at TRBC have put together several things to help us reflect and remember Jesus’ resurrection. 

Starting Monday morning, I am leading a time of reflection.  You can join me on Facebook, where I will broadcast live a daily devotion at 7:00 A.M.  It will not be long but I want us to start the day reflecting on the truths of the resurrection.  If you can’t join us live, then you can go to the TRBC Facebook page and find the devotions there any time.

On Wednesday evening, we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper in a special churchwide service.  This will be a time of worship where we will focus on the cross and the price that Christ paid for us so that we may be free from the penalty of sin, and become Children of God. 

Finally, on Easter morning itself, we will celebrate Christ’s resurrection with three services.  It will be a glorious time of worship and celebration. 

Each one of these times are created as a way for us to remember and celebrate Easter. Additionally, it is a time for us to invite people we know to come and celebrate Easter with us.  Those who first found the empty tomb couldn’t wait to tell people about it.  We need to have that same excitement, to tell others about our risen Lord and invite them to worship Him as well.