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Right Now Media

By: Steve Vaughan,  June 1, 2018

About a month ago, we offered the RightNow Media services to all of our members and guests.  It is completely free to you. RightNow Media in its simplest form is like “Netflix” for Christian video content.  RightNow Media provides around 12,000 faith-based videos that you can access whenever and wherever you want—on your phone, iPad, computer, or at home on your TV.  As a church staff, we’re always looking for ways to help you develop and strengthen your faith. We believe that RightNow Media will be a tool to serve you as you live out your faith at home, at work and in your neighborhood.

Having said all of that, many of you have already began to take advantage of this resource and are finding out what and how much RightNow Media has to offer.  For those who have already logged on and for those who haven’t, I would love to highlight some of the great things RightNow Media has to offer. 

There is something for everyone, no matter what age or place in life you may find yourself.  


Have you ever found yourself reading through the Bible or hearing something about a specific book of the Bible or biblical topic and you just wanted more information on that topic?  Typically we would either “Google” it or buy a book that might help.  With RightNow Media you can simply log in to your account, search the book of the Bible or topic, and have multiple trustworthy resources, Bible studies and even conference sessions (from over 30 faith-based conferences) on that topic.  In fact, RightNow Media has an extensive library of Bible studies, sermons and conference session on books of the Bible, spiritual growth, apologetics, evangelism, men’s ministry, women’s ministry, marriage, infertility, sexuality, family, parenting, mental health, social concerns, finances, leadership and more.

Parents and Children

Maybe you are looking for a Bible study you can do with your younger children that is age appropriate and engaging. RightNow Media has you covered.  For example, Phil Visher’s Faith Blox and Jelly Telly’s 5 minute Family Devotions are videos designed to teach Scripture or faith topics to children by letting them watch the video and providing questions for you to go through with your children to teach them biblical truths.  These videos could be a great way to jump start or enhance your family devotions. There are plenty of wholesome children's videos too including Veggie Tales, Boz, 3-2-1 Penguins, BibleMan and more! 

Parents and Youth

Maybe your older child or teenager is starting to ask you questions that you feel you need a little help to answer for them.  Whether they are asking about faith, social issues, culture or just living out their faith, RightNow has a whole library of youth specific and themed studies.  For example, Francis Chan’s Doctrine and Matt Chandler’s Apologetics series are designed to speak to youth and their parents to open up communication and allow dialogue on these issues. There are also short "Videos That Make You Think" and "Stinkin' Funny" videos and "Real Life" stories which can be used as conversation starters with your teen. 


Maybe you just want to watch something that is wholesome, safe and points to Christ either by yourself or with your family. RightNow has documentaries, video illustrations and series for all ages that you can access anytime anywhere.   

RightNow Media has videos for everyone—kids, youth, parents, married couples, college students, single adults, working professionals—all aimed at helping you grow.

Why keep this resourse all to yourself?

We can give RightNow Media to anyone and to as many people as we can.  You might have a neighbor or a co-worker or a family member that is struggling with something or asking hard questions. You can offer them an invitation to RightNow Media and suggest a video Bible study or teaching session for them to watch and then offer to talk through with them what they watched.  You can literally offer this to anyone who is interested or might have a need.

If you have not already received an invitation, you can get one for yourself or someone else by simply using the following link: You can also go to our website,, click on the Media tab, click RighNow Media and click on the "Need an Invite? Request one here" at the bottom of the page.  

We hope you will enjoy RightNow Media. But more than that, we hope you will find it is a unique tool to help you and your family grow spiritually and help you share your faith with those that God has brought into your life.

If you have questions about RightNow Media, contact Steve Vaughan at