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There are over 41.3 million international in the US and Tallahassee, Florida has an estimation of 14,177 foreign residents (not including the 2,000+ students in our universities).

God is bringing the countries to us in our very own back yard. We have the opportunity to share Christ with the people groups from countries where missionaries are prohibited to go. Thousands of people are migrating to the states, meaning the mission field is coming to us.

Thomasville Road has responded to this task in seeking out internationals in our community. This ministry focuses on reaching out to internationals, helping with their needs and sharing the love of Christ. As obedient followers of Christ we are commanded to make disciples of all nations ( Matthew 28:19) and with these immigration patterns today, scripture is telling us this is part of Gods sovereign plan ( Acts 17:27).

There are multiple ways to be part of our Internationals Ministry. We have our English Building Skills Classes every Monday evening at 6:30 pm. This free tutoring class helps individuals improve their English skills in writing, reading, speech and grammar in a fun and interactive way.

We also have our “open home dinners”, where students can enter an American family’s home for dinner, gather and fellowship while having a wonderful home cooked meal. IMB released a statistic that 75% of international students will never enter an American home while they are here for their education.

When we reach out to our community, we reach the world!

From one man he made every nation of the human race to inhabit the entire earth, determining their set times and the fixed limits of the places where they would live, so that they would search for God and perhaps grope around for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. -Acts 17:26-27

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