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Sun, January 20, 2019

Following Jesus is Difficult

Lance Beauchamp

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

Most Christians know in their head that following Jesus isn't easy...but the benefits are worth the cost in exchange for an eternity with God! Guest speaker Lance Beauchamp looks to John 6 and examines the difficulties of following Christ, only to find that the freedom of giving up control makes the burden light.

Sun, January 06, 2019

A Resolution You’ve Never Made but Ought to Keep

Ken Smith

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

Guest speaker and TRBC member Ken Smith looks to John 15 to help the church understand that because faith is a journey, it make take turns and detours over time. However, as the new year kicks off, would you resolve to abide in Christ this year and bear fruit? It might not be a resolution you thought of making...but keeping it will bear eternal results!

Sun, November 25, 2018

Thanksgiving in the Storms

Jerry Thornton

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

It seems like the Panhandle has experienced its fair share of storms this Fall, both literal and figurative. How should the Christian weather the storm? Pastor Jerry Thornton shares from Acts 27 and Paul's example of how to maintain faith, and even thankfulness, during the storms of life that we all will inevitably face!

Sun, November 18, 2018

Could You Use Some Light?

Ken Smith

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

For many, the holidays are a joyous occasion. But there are plenty of people out there that need the Light of the World to get them through the dark at Christmastime. Guest speaker Ken Smith looks at Luke chapter 1 to see what the Bible says about dealing with darkness in your life. The reality is that if Jesus is born into your life, it will change the way you do life.

Sun, August 26, 2018

The Joy of Discipleship

Josh Blight

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

What role does discipleship play in your life as a believer? Are you being discipled? And are you discipling someone yourself? Associate Pastor Josh Blight looks at the life of Nehemiah as well as the book of Matthew to make a strong case that discipleship should be a much larger part of our lives than we realize. How are you passing on your faith to the next generation? Listen to this week's sermon to be encouraged.

Sun, May 20, 2018

Graduate Recognition Service 2018

Kevin Hall

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

A celebration of the TRBC seniors as they commence from high school and begin the next phase of their lives. Youth Pastor, Kevin Hall, brings a message of encouragement to the graduates, but also to the church and our responsibility to continue pouring into the next generations.

Sun, December 31, 2017

Something New

Kevin Hall

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

Look forward to the new year with youth pastor, Kevin Hall. What will God say to you in 2018? What did He tell you in 2017 that you need to remember in 2018? Start off your year by focusing on God and His word.

Sun, September 03, 2017

Running the Race, Enduring Pain & Making Holiness Gainz

Jason Pamblanco

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

#Blessed, #FavoriteVerses, #EnduringLikeJesus, #SonsAndDaughters, #Discipline, #Proverbs3, #ShortTermPain, #PickItUp, #MakeStraightPaths, #PursuePeace, #PursueHoliness, #IGotYourBackBro, #NoBitterRoot, #NoSoupForYou, #NoMoreSinai, #EternalZion, #FestalGathering, #Jesus, #NewCovenant, #BetterBlood, #ListenUp, #UnshakeableKingdom, #Grateful, #ServeHim, #ConsumingFire

Wed, August 02, 2017

The Power of the Holy Spirit, Part 3: Transforming Worship

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: The Power of the Holy Spirit

Part 3 in a study of the Holy Spirit, College and Young Adult Pastor Marty Sloan looks at the ways in which the Holy Spirit transforms our worship.

Wed, June 14, 2017

Growing Younger, Getting Stronger

Jerry Thornton

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

Pastor Jerry Thornton continues to illustrate the vision shared by Pastor Curtis from Sunday, June 4, by focusing on Deuteronomy 6:4-9.