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Sun, February 05, 2017

Is God Fair?

Jason Pamblanco

Sermon Series: Weaving Gospel Threads

What do you say when someone asks you how a fair God can send someone to hell? It's a tough conversation for anyone to have. But during this second sermon in the Weaving Gospel Threads series, Jason Pamblanco helps us realize that that's not the right question. The real question is how can a just God allow sinners into heaven? Look to Romans 3 to help understand how good our God truly is, especially in light of our sin.

Sun, January 29, 2017

Who is God?

Steve Vaughan

Sermon Series: Weaving Gospel Threads

The Bible commands us as Christians to share the Gospel with 'all the world'. But what exactly is "the Gospel"? Would it be easier to share it with others if we knew how to describe it better? In this new series, we look at the different threads that make up the Gospel and try to understand how they weave together to present a beautiful tapestry of God's saving grace.