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Sermons by: Marty Sloan

Wed, January 16, 2019

ETCH-Ed Spring 2019-2

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: Etch-ED

Continuing in a study on the spiritual disciplines, Pastor Marty Sloan unpacks the practice of Bible intake.

Sun, December 09, 2018

For Unto You

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: Behold

The message of Christmas was given to YOU! College and Young Adult Pastor, Marty Sloan, begins a new series based on Luke 2:10-11. Hear how the Christmas story is for you, learn who you are in Christ, and discover why it is Good News of Great Joy for you!

Sun, July 29, 2018

Be Humble, Be Prepared, Be Holy

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: Not of This World

Humility isn't a common trait in our current culture. Neither is holiness, for that matter, but these, along with being prepared for persecution, are part of what marks a Christian as a stranger in a strange land. Pastor Marty Sloan looks to 1 Peter 5 to see what exactly it means to be humble, be prepared, and be holy.

Sun, November 26, 2017

Preexistence: The Word Was God

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: In the Flesh

Marty Sloan, our College and Young Adult Pastor, explains why ‘Word’ and the preexistence of Christ as he introduces a new sermon series, “The Word became Flesh.” Marty explains what it means that the ‘Word’ was in the beginning and with God and covers the first 5 verses of the Gospel of John.

Wed, August 02, 2017

The Power of the Holy Spirit, Part 3: Transforming Worship

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: The Power of the Holy Spirit

Part 3 in a study of the Holy Spirit, College and Young Adult Pastor Marty Sloan looks at the ways in which the Holy Spirit transforms our worship.

Sun, June 18, 2017

God Creates

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: Genesis: Foundations

The word faith brings up a lot of different ideas for different people. But what do Christians believe? What does a Christian build their beliefs upon? Genesis: Foundations is a study designed to look at the bedrock beliefs of Christianity, starting with the very first verse of the Bible: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Pastor Marty Sloan looks past some of the controversial questions found in Genesis 1 to ask some fundamental ones instead.

Sun, July 24, 2016

‘Til Death Do Us Part?

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: Etched

The 7th Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery," is taught this week by TRBC's College & Young Adult Pastor, Marty Sloan. As we've seen in the 'Etched' series, each of the Commandments teach us something about God's character. If God tells us to remain faithful to our spouses, what does that say about Him? Maybe we shouldn't ask, "why is adultery bad," but instead ask, "why is marriage good?"

Wed, March 09, 2016

The Time Has Come

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: Acts - An Unfinished Story

Part 8 of Pastor Curtis' study through the book of Acts, taught by College Pastor, Marty Sloan.

Sun, August 09, 2015

But God

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: Eyes Wide Open

Wed, April 01, 2015

Passover Seder - Festival of Redemption

Marty Sloan