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Thomasville Road Baptist Church posts our sermons each week. If you were unable to attend or would like to listen again, everything is here for your convenience. Please contact the church office for sermons that are not online.

Sun, September 17, 2017

From Depression to Hope

Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Rewritten

Learn from Elijah how God deals with physical, spiritual, and relational needs.

Sun, September 03, 2017

Running the Race, Enduring Pain & Making Holiness Gainz

Jason Pamblanco

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

#Blessed, #FavoriteVerses, #EnduringLikeJesus, #SonsAndDaughters, #Discipline, #Proverbs3, #ShortTermPain, #PickItUp, #MakeStraightPaths, #PursuePeace, #PursueHoliness, #IGotYourBackBro, #NoBitterRoot, #NoSoupForYou, #NoMoreSinai, #EternalZion, #FestalGathering, #Jesus, #NewCovenant, #BetterBlood, #ListenUp, #UnshakeableKingdom, #Grateful, #ServeHim, #ConsumingFire

Wed, August 30, 2017

Etch-ED Fall A-1

Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Etch-ED

Etch-ED is our new Wednesday night program. This is part 1 of a 6 week study in the book of Judges.

Sun, August 27, 2017

Take the Time

Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Back to School

In the last of our Back to School sermon series, Pastor Curtis provides a very practical look at how to spend time with God through His word. Have you ever had a regular quiet time with God? He's longing to spend time with you and show you the beauty within His word! Take the time today to tune in.

Sun, August 20, 2017

Finding Your Design

Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Back to School

A sincere faith is the starting point of our Christian journey. Timothy's example shows us that. But what gift has God given you specifically to bring Him glory? Have you found your niche in God's service? Listen today as Pastor Curtis encourages us to find our spiritual gift...and put it to use by jumping in with both feet!

Sun, August 13, 2017

How Do I Fit In?

Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Back to School

In this first sermon of the Back to School series, Pastor Curtis looks to the life of Daniel to help understand what it's like to be a "stranger in a strange land," something new students understand very well. Especially at the start of a new school year, what does it look like to live in the world but still represent Christ? Listen as Pastor Curtis helps us understand where the line is...and where it isn't.

Sun, August 06, 2017

The Call Above All

Steve Vaughan

Sermon Series: Genesis: Foundations

In the final entry of the Genesis: Foundations series, Pastor Steve Vaughan looks to Genesis 12 to understand the faith required of Abraham to leave his homeland for the unknown, all in obedience to God's command. What has God asked you to do that scares you? Do you trust Him to know what's best for your life and step out in faith? Listen as Pastor Steve illustrates from the life of Abraham that God IS trustworthy.

Wed, August 02, 2017

The Power of the Holy Spirit, Part 3: Transforming Worship

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: The Power of the Holy Spirit

Part 3 in a study of the Holy Spirit, College and Young Adult Pastor Marty Sloan looks at the ways in which the Holy Spirit transforms our worship.

Sun, July 30, 2017

The Pride of Man and God’s Response

Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Genesis: Foundations

Throughout the Genesis: Foundations series, we've looked at some essential elements of the Christian faith. We talked about the Fall, but we all know that's not the end of the story! Sin keeps rearing its ugly head, last week with Noah and the flood, and today in the Tower of Babel. Gain some additional understanding today about what was really at stake at Babel and how sin keeps showing itself, especially through our chief sin: pride.

Wed, July 26, 2017

The Power of the Holy Spirit, Part 3: Teaching

Curtis Clark

Part 3 in a series on the Power of the Holy Spirit.