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Sun, September 16, 2018


Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Life Together

As we continue to look at Life Together, it's important to remember that the Church is not 'like' a IS the family of God! And even though most families have some level of dysfunction, the love that they have for one another is what binds them together, in spite of all odds. How can we as the Church show that same love to one another? Pastor Curtis looks to Acts 2 to share some ideas of how we can change the world...with the love of God.

Sun, September 09, 2018


Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Life Together

Why should the church encourage their members to always be learning? Because the goal of life-long learning in the church is transformation. Listen as Pastor Curtis Clark shares the benefits of discipleship and encourages the Christian to be both receiving and giving of discipleship. The power of a church full of learners is transformed lives.

Sun, September 02, 2018

Why Church?

Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Life Together

There are many who question the need for the church today. Is the church really important to our life? Is it relevant? As Christians, our response should always be: What does the Bible say? In this message, Pastor Curtis teaches what the Bible says about the church: that God created it to be our family. As a Christian we are adopted into the family of God, and the church is that family. Find out why you should be an active part of the local church!

Sun, August 26, 2018

The Joy of Discipleship

Josh Blight

Sermon Series: Individual Sermons

What role does discipleship play in your life as a believer? Are you being discipled? And are you discipling someone yourself? Associate Pastor Josh Blight looks at the life of Nehemiah as well as the book of Matthew to make a strong case that discipleship should be a much larger part of our lives than we realize. How are you passing on your faith to the next generation? Listen to this week's sermon to be encouraged.

Sun, August 19, 2018

The Lord’s Return

Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Not of This World

Jesus promised that He would return again. And this time, it would be different – so, we wait for His return. Pastor Curtis teaches what the Bible says about Jesus’ return, and what we are to do during the wait. Waiting is often the hardest part, but there is a reason for Christ’s delay. What we do during this time actually matters and when Christ returns, the Bible tells us that there will be a final judgement for all. So...we prepare for His coming and live like it will be tomorrow!

Sun, August 12, 2018

The Attack of False Teachers

Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Not of This World

Throughout the "Not of This World" series, we've looked at a lot of ways that the life of a Christian differs from others. One of those differences is that the Christian always has to be on guard against beliefs that go against what the Bible says. But how can you spot a "false teacher"? What does one look like and how can you guard against their teachings? Listen as Pastor Curtis gives us guidelines for discernment from 2 Peter 2.

Sun, August 05, 2018

The Basis for Our Faith

Curtis Clark

Sermon Series: Not of This World

One of the things that marks a Christian as being not of this world is that we can truly believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God! Peter writes to encourage the believer in his second book, as they face persecution on different levels, that the rock of our faith, Jesus Christ and Him crucified, is trustworthy...both from eyewitness testimony and the testimony of God through His Word.

Sun, July 29, 2018

Be Humble, Be Prepared, Be Holy

Marty Sloan

Sermon Series: Not of This World

Humility isn't a common trait in our current culture. Neither is holiness, for that matter, but these, along with being prepared for persecution, are part of what marks a Christian as a stranger in a strange land. Pastor Marty Sloan looks to 1 Peter 5 to see what exactly it means to be humble, be prepared, and be holy.

Wed, July 25, 2018

ETCH-Ed 2018 Summer-6

Jason Pamblanco

Sermon Series: Etch-ED

The 2018 Summer Session of ETCH-Ed is a study through the book of Mark. Pastor Jason Pamblanco teaches the sixth installment.

Sun, July 22, 2018

The Joy of Sharing Christ’s Sufferings

Jason Pamblanco

Sermon Series: Not of This World

Last week's message in 1 Peter helped us gain the mindset that we will suffer as Christians in this world. But how can we further prepare for life as a stranger in a strange land? Pastor Jason Pamblanco shares some do's and don't's from 1 Peter 4:12-19, including remembering the fact that the Christian knows the final Judge and He is faithful.